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Image by Jorge Fernández Salas


Our commitment to society

In Aquentus, we are committed to finding new ways to help society. We have experts specialized in innovative social and labor insertion programs, with more than 15 years of experience in developing programs for the European Commission. Their projects are among the most innovative in Europe.

Below, we present the most representative groups with which we have worked, both as a target audience and in support functions to carry out our actions:

  • Long-term unemployed who face significant challenges in their job search.

  • People looking for a positive transformation in their lives, longing to discover a purpose that inspires them to move forward and improve their circumstances.

  • Unemployed people over 40 years old looking for job opportunities.

  • Senior people who play a vital role as mediators and mentors in providing support to unemployed youth who are not receiving vocational education or training.

  • Senior people who can play a crucial role as agents of social change.

  • Disadvantaged women, especially those with less education, who face barriers to employment and want to start their own businesses.

  • Groups of mentors, entrepreneurs and senior experts who, as professional support networks and communities, play an essential role in our projects.


In Aquentus we consider that each project is an opportunity to generate a positive impact on society. If your organization shares our vision and is interested in exploring opportunities for collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to share our experience to make an even greater impact. Together, we can create meaningful change in the community and in the labor market.

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