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Coaching & Organization

Executive Coaching

Executive and Career Coaching

We work with companies and human resources departments in the development of their employees' potential and talent management.

The coaching process begins with an assessment of strengths and weaknesses, as well as the current situation. From there, we work with the person to develop a plan that helps them achieve their goals in line with the company's objectives. We provide support, guidance and feedback throughout the process, helping the person stay on track and move towards their goals.

Contact us with what you have in mind and we will advise you without obligation.

These are the key advantages that we offer with coaching to employees and managers:


Performance improvement

Our coaching methodology helps our clients improve by providing guidance, feedback and support. Through specific coaching interventions, we help them identify their strengths and areas for improvement, develop new skills and overcome challenges resulting in greater productivity. 


Skill development

Our Coaching focuses on the development of specific skills and competencies essential for roles and professional growth. We facilitate the identification and overcoming of professional challenges, promoting an environment of continuous learning.


Greater commitment

Coaching encourages personal and professional development, which drives job satisfaction and a sense of achievement. As employees learn new skills and overcome obstacles, their confidence and commitment to their roles are strengthened.


Leadership development

Coaching plays a vital role in developing future leaders within the team. By coaching high-potential employees, leadership skills, self-knowledge, and decision-making skills are fostered. 


Talent retention and development

Assigning a coach to employees demonstrates the company's commitment to their growth and progress. By receiving individualized guidance and support, employees feel valued and recognized, which strengthens their emotional connection to the organization. This helps increase employee satisfaction and retention rates.  



In Aquentus we have a team of qualified coaches in professional guidance. Through our programs we help companies overcome restructuring or individual employee separation processes, reducing the impact for both the company and the employee.


Regarding the management of human capital, the treatment given to people who have to leave the company is as important as the image that the company projects from the employees who continue in it. Our outplacement processes help organizations to improve their reputation in the labor market, resulting in loyalty of key talent, and to foster a healthy work environment.

From the employee's point of view, the outplacement process accelerates the transition to a new job while receiving professional support during the search. Our practice supported by coaching helps the person to be more aware of their capabilities, qualities and opportunities. Thanks to outplacement they can discover new alternatives that they had never considered.

Contact us with complete confidentiality and we will find the solution that best suits the situation of your company and your employees.



In Aquentus we are experts in organizing and moderating workshops. Tell us what your objectives are and we will take care of structuring the program and directing the session towards the set objectives. The use of an external moderator helps maintain neutrality and objectivity during the session while moderating the times and participation of all participants in order to achieve the set objectives.


Contact us and we will make suggestions on how to achieve the objectives of your workshop.

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